02 August 2013

Weekend linkage

"Businesses don't charge you a fee to pay online, because it's less work for them. The government does charge you a fee to pay online, because they're stupid."
-Jared paying bills


Life with Ellie: She keeps learning things that are alternately adorable and maddening. One, how to grab-- her blankets, my hair, Jared's salad bowl. Sometimes she even gets a grasp on her feet, which is just too cute.

Two, how to roll over at will-- it's no longer an accident, and she does it constantly. She has been flipping onto her back (and thus waking herself up) two or three times every night. Again, super cute but not my favorite thing just past midnight.

I'm grateful that older and wiser moms told me not to get too attached to my baby's schedule. Having her sleep for 10 hours straight was delightful, but I didn't really expect it to last forever. Babies be babies. And there's always coffee.


This is a beautiful reflection on a difficult yet gracious marriage. "We thank God for the years of settling in to a deep and abiding love through huge mistakes, hurtful arguments, angry comments, putting off forgiving each other, apathetic stretches, and lulls between moments of kissing each other like we really mean it and don't have something better to do."

Look at your baby, not at the charts. Use that mama sense! If you have a skinny baby like I do, this might be encouraging to you. :)

Have we reached peak beard? This is funny.

I wish more people would realize this: saying "just wait" in a menacing tone is not not not helpful to young mothers.

More on marriage-- lovely story of two widowers finding one another.

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  1. Great thoughts and links today. Yes, babies will definitely be babies. There will be good seasons of "schedules" and days (and nights) when you just have to go with the flow and love your baby through it all. I love the link on 20 yrs of marriage. Excellent thoughts. "Anyone who tells you that you can experiencially love your spouse the same before having kids and as you are raising your kids isn't telling you the truth. It becomes work." We've definitely found that to be true. We also just finished reading that book Date Your Wife . . . it was good stuff. :-)
    Aaron was definitely my baby where I had to constantly remind myself to look at the baby and not the scale!
    The "Just Wait" article was great too. Why do we do that to other moms?!?! I like her quote "But just because I've made it through the fire doesn't negate the fact that another mom is walking through it for the first time, feeling the burn of pain. Our comments as more experienced moms should reflect the grace we've already received from our caring Father." We obviously just added baby #3 to our house and somehow it seems to me that the transition of a new baby gets a little easier each time when you would think that it gets harder. I was never so completely overwhelmed as I was with my first so I guess I still feel a huge amount of compassion for first-time moms. Yes, in some ways it gets harder with more, but in other ways it gets easier too.
    Thanks for all your links. I always enjoy them when I get time to stop by here . . . . which a nursing baby allows me a little more of lately. :-)