27 February 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

Time is going by ever more quickly. That's good. It means that February is over (we survived!) and spring is coming down the pike. I am tired of staying inside, tired of the sameness, tired of the cold. We have a park just down the street and the first warm day, the girls and I will BE THERE.

getting clean.
We are gradually discovering Zoe's personality. For example, she's extremely cuddly: whereas by this point Ellie had already been sleeping in her crib for weeks, Zoe often refuses to stay asleep unless she's lying right next to Mama. Sometimes she is very loud, grunting and snorting in her dreams, but for the most part we don't mind having her with us. (After all, it's a lot better than listening to her scream unhappily in her crib.)

In addition to being a snuggle bug, Zoe is less amenable to routine than Ellie was. You never know what the next several hours will look like. Will she take lots of tiny naps, or a few long ones? Will she fuss and stay awake in the middle of the night, or snooze soundly with a couple of eating breaks? Who knows. She is challenging my desire for control, that's for sure. I like to know what's coming up, so I can prepare for it; with Zoe, I can't prepare much at all. I just need to relax, give her what she needs in the moment, and let go of my attempts to plan her life.

The sweetest thing about Zoe, right now, is how tightly she clings to my shirt while she nurses. I think she realizes This is Mommy. This is safe and wants to make sure I don't drift away.

Ellie has added several useful phrases to her vocabulary. "Is mine!" "Did it!" and "Is empty!" for example. She loves to talk and gets so excited when she figures out a new word, especially a complicated one like "breakfast" or "schoolbus."
. . . thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,
"In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength."
-Isaiah 30:15
Here's an interesting post (and comments) on letting your kids talk to strangers. I've always thought that my policy will be "go right ahead and talk to people, just don't go anywhere with them."

A Plea for Innocence. "It can be dangerous to assume that we need to have a deep understanding of error in order to hold fast to what is true."

This guy is smart: selling Boston's snow!

All these recipes look great.

This is such a weird story: two babies switched at birth.

26 February 2015

pretty happy funny real #16

Linked up with Like Mother Like Daughter.

I think Ellie looks like an Eloise Wilkin illustration, what with her huge eyes, round cheeks, and perky pigtails.


Zoe doesn't always want to sleep when I do. However, she makes up for it by being extra cute and making silly faces.


Ellie's new obsession: "cayons! pipper!" Unfortunately, the crayons don't always stay on the paper, and this is the result.


Thankfully, her "masterpiece" cleaned up easily. I used a Norwex cloth and the crayon marks came right off.

20 February 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

This was a slightly odd week. Our house's heating system, which is all fancy and efficient, does not get along with the city's (old and non-efficient) gas lines. When it gets extremely cold everyone else in the area needs a lot of gas too, the pressure drops too low, our boiler throws a tantrum, and the whole system shuts off. Well, it was extremely cold this week, so we didn't have heat most of the time. Fortunately my in-laws have a great guest room. We crashed there, avoided freezing, and had some nice family time, so it wasn't bad after all.

My mom gave me this lovely book to celebrate the four-week anniversary of Zoe's birth. It actually made me cry. For a whole month, I've been doing exactly these things for my girls. Keeping them clean, feeding them, holding them, comforting them 24/7, yet it often feels like I have accomplished nothing. Looking at my work from their perspective, as this book does, was so sweet and refreshing.

pondering the mysteries of the universe.

The following paragraph is recorded for the encouragement of Future Postpartum Me: the emotional crazies have leveled out substantially. If my experiences with Ellie and Zoe are normative (for me), the first three weeks are the nuttiest; the third week seems worst of all, because my hormones are cray and the baby is not sleeping much at a time, but the adrenaline has all worn off and I'm running on naps and caffeine. Then! Life starts to improve. Though I still cry and things are hard, I can deal with it, and I can laugh and enjoy my babies again.


New Titles for Children's Book Covers. Hee hee.

The Company Man. Super interesting article on Don Thompson, the recently replaced CEO of McDonald's, and the company's culture and current woes.

What Romance After Kids Looks Like. Pretty spot-on, I must say.

How to Survive Winter in Antarctica. In case you are bonkers enough to try it.

New Washing Machine Woes. Or, government regulations are annoying and fruitless.

19 February 2015

pretty happy funny real #15


Cheerful flowers above the sink. I love gerbera daisies and Jared, knowing how glum this winter has been for me, brought these home to brighten up the kitchen.


We're planning the garden. That means spring comes soon!


We discovered that Zoe likes going bare-legged. She had been fussing, so I laid her on the floor and took off her pants. Immediate happiness.

Also funny: some of Ellie's new words, which are recognizable in context but use all the wrong consonants. "Bopper" means diaper, "nock" means milk, and-- my favorite-- "gockly" means broccoli.


The living room today: unlikely to be tidied anytime soon, and the carpet hasn't been vacuumed since who knows when. Oh well.

13 February 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

"So, how rich do you want to be if I croak?"
-Jared gets some life insurance

Oh goodness. What a week. Days with just me, the girls, and the mostly-dark skies. It was super hard and I almost fell over from exhaustion and we all (minus Jared) cried quite often. Look, though, here we are! Alive and well. Every day is a little better because God shows me some bit of truth to hang onto, and I ease a little further into the new reality of our life.

But still, I cannot wait for spring.

I'm listening to music (mostly via Amazon Prime) almost nonstop this week. This, this, and this have been represented heavily in the rotation. Also, I've decided that Bon Jovi must have written "Livin' On a Prayer" specifically for the mothers of newborns.
"No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised."
-Romans 4:20-21 
Want some links? I got links.

Absolutely beautiful wedding pictures.

This seems appropriate: "Three Truths for the Tired Mother." Good comments too.

Giggles from xkcd: "Apollo Speeches."

"God as Mission, Worship as Expendable."
A Church that is always busy on mission is in a perilous position in an even more fundamental way. The Church is always, first and foremost, a group of receivers, not doers. In all our emphasis on being Christ’s hands and feet in the world, we may forget Christ’s hands and feet on the cross. We often functionally forget the gospel in our practice: that faith is God’s action, a Divine gift; that Christianity preaches Someone to receive, not something to do.
From The New Statesman: "Before We Give Doors and Toasters Sentience."
It's becoming more and more common for everyday appliances to have features we don't expect, and the implications for privacy and freedom can be surprisingly profound. We should be sure we know what we're buying into.