11 November 2013

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 13 [staying warm edition]

Shared on Simple Lives Thursday.

Do you enjoy shivering? No? Neither do I. Here area a few of my favorite ways to keep the chill off.

1) Blankets: very important for cuddling. Currently adorning our living room furniture are this fluffy striped one from West Elm and a slightly heavier but very soft one from Target. The Target blanket is big enough for two. :)

2) Little Mouse also has a thick Pottery Barn stroller blanket that keeps her toasty on walks or on the trip from house to car.

3) Eddie Bauer makes perfect down vests; I admit that I've collected more than my fair share over the years. They are obviously warm and well-made, but they also have a nice tailored shape, so you don't look like a walking marshmallow.

4) I own far too many pashmina scarves. I say "too many" because I have nowhere to conveniently store them all, and I only wear a few on a regular basis anyway. My long-standing favorite is from La Purse: the walnut color matches all of my other clothes and the fabric is lovely.

5) Hats! I lurve this one from LL Bean. Its fleece lining really does keep the wind out. Ellie has a striped cap from Under the Nile-- it's soft and stretchy, and I appreciate that it's more substantial than your typical uber-thin jobbers.

6) How about feet? I don't wear slippers, preferring a good pair of warm socks and some wonderfully clunky Danskos. Old lady chic, thank you. My brother brought me wool socks from Ireland when he was across the pond, but if you're not so fortunate as to have a globe-trotting relative these from LL Bean look toasty.

7) I've sung their praises before, but I'll do it again: HALO fleece sleep sacks are perfect for wiggly babies. Ellie would escape from a blanket (or worse, pull it over her head) but she can't Houdini her way out of these.

8) You also want something to warm your insides. Okay, there's always Johnnie Walker . . . but for everyday use how about some delicious Kenyan coffee?

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