15 November 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #14

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J: So that's my idea. Does its logic seem unassailable to you?
Me: Honey, determining the quality of logic is not my strong point.
J: Oh, fine. Does that idea feel good to you?


Ellie figured out how to sit up on her own, and she is also having a lot of fun on her play mat: wiggling in circles on her belly, rolling back and forth, sticking her big diapered bottom up in the air in an attempt to crawl. It's very funny and cute.

It also makes me realize just how much she has grown. Not physically (she's still a shrimp) so much as in her ability-- only seven and a half months ago, she was a sleepy little lump who barely knew how to nurse. Now look at her! Even her voice has changed and sounds "older." I am amazed at how quickly her personality is unfolding, and how much fun she brings to our home.


I adore Improv Everywhere. Carousel races in the park!


Also to make you laugh, animals trying to fit in small spaces.


The 12 most annoying email habits. I don't find some of these as irritating as the author does (some are more applicable to business email than to personal) but for the most part, please, everybody read and apply . . .


I want to live here.


Rambling, history-packed, fascinating article on the dehumanization of public figures, specifically those who occupy a throne: "Royal Bodies." Just a couple of excerpts for you.
A few years ago I saw the Prince of Wales at a public award ceremony. I had never seen him before, and at once I thought: what a beautiful suit! What sublime tailoring! It’s for Shakespeare to penetrate the heart of a prince, and for me to study his cuff buttons. I found it hard to see the man inside the clothes . . . I couldn’t help winding the fabric back onto the bolt and pricing him by the yard.

Popular fiction about the Tudors has also been a form of moral teaching about women’s lives, though what is taught varies with moral fashion. It used to be that Anne Boleyn was a man-stealer who got paid out. Often, now, the lesson is that if Katherine of Aragon had been a bit more foxy, she could have hung on to her husband. Anne as opportunist and sexual predator finds herself recruited to the cause of feminism.


  1. Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies are both excellent (but long), if you haven't read them. There will be one more book in the series, and I think the BBC is planning to do a TV adaptation.

  2. I love that quote about the Prince of Wales.