01 November 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #12

Linked up with Conversion Diary.


"You are my favorite hedgehog."
-J gets his flattery on


Ellie is really into growling and roaring. The other night I put her to bed and she grrrrrr'd at the sheets for about fifteen minutes before falling asleep. A fierce one, this child.

Her favorite toys at the moment are a pith-helmeted Duplo man, the zipper on Mama's sweatshirt, and vitamin bottles (they rattle!).


Fascinating story: the most honored photograph in US military history.


"Strike a Pose": good thoughts from a friend of mine on social media "self-portraits" and the importance of examining our motivations.


Now it's time for funny things!

Putting pop lyrics to classical melodies.

Proof that Plato was really Dumbledore . . . or vice versa.

IKEA or Death, the game that tests your knowledge of IKEA product names and black metal bands. I only scored 12/20, so come on, surely you can beat that.

What would happen if slogan writers were honest. ("Kmart: We Still Exist.")


I've come across several nice Tumblrs in my search for a new Firefox home page: Inspired, Hello Pretty Things, Life Is Beautiful, Grey and Scout, Scattered as My Mother's Pearls, and-- the current winner-- You Make Beautiful Things. I enjoy seeing "beautiful" when I open up the computer.

(What is your home page and why did you choose it?)


Now I leave you with the eternal question, courtesy of Smithsonian. Why were medieval knights always fighting snails?


  1. I love random facts! I am horrendously upset that google chrome did away with my igoogle homepage so I haven't selected a new one yet.

  2. Careful...Callan is now growling at me when I tell him "no". I have no idea where he got it from....