15 March 2013

Weekend linkage

Me: Simon sent me some Youtube video, because apparently everyone has seen it but I haven't. Whatever.
Jared: What video would that be?
Me: I think it's called Gangnam Style.
Jared: Babe. Everyone has seen that.

Rachel: Man, I've had that dumb song stuck in my head all day!
Me: Which song?
Rachel: The One Direction song.
Me: Which One Direction song?
Rachel: Oh, their most famous.
Me: Err. 
Rachel: The Piano Guys covered it.
Me: I . . . don't know who the Piano Guys are . . .
Me: Ohhhh.


Pregnancy happenings: She's a lively one, this tadpole of ours. But I love it. This week I had my hand on my stomach and, beyond a doubt, there was a wee foot pushing back at me. Sort of weird, you know? How she's large enough that it's individual feet I feel, not just general pressure?


Sorry. I am a little bit excited. Not so enjoyable, these days, are the frequent (as in every forty-five minutes) nighttime bathroom trips. asdfasdfapoijdasopfija

The midwife says she's in a great position, though currently facing front, and we want her the other way round. Thus I'm sitting on an exercise ball, squatting, and generally tilting forward in an effort to get her to rotate. Apparently the heaviest part of a baby (vertically speaking) is its back, and so the more time I spend leaning to the front, the more likely she is to swing around. Here's hoping.


This was of course even funnier before Francis appeared on the balcony, but! "What Do You Think About the New Pope?"

Paper wins.

Twenty-five photographs that defy explanation.


  1. The Pope thing was hilarious.
    What does that say about human nature....
    There is probably a touch of that in all of us.

    I like "did you see the interview with the popes ex-wife"


    1. I would like to think that I'd be honest... but really... Jimmy was right. People ARE full of crap when they get in front of a camera! We just don't want to admit that we don't know something.

      My favorite was the Jewish bit. "I don't think a Pope should just stay one religion, you know?" HA

  2. I remember feeling the little feet!! They're fun to kiss and tickle once they're out, too. :)

  3. I did the exercise ball thing, too. And laying on my...right? side. It worked.