25 March 2013

oh hi, I'm still here

Okay, so there are still some things to unpack.
No, Tadpole hasn't been born yet! We moved, though, and then we didn't have the interwebs for a whole week. Hence my recent silence.

I don't have any links this time, because I was too busy nesting to collect any for you. As much fun as blogging is, it's a lot more fun to fold blankets and arrange wine glasses in the china cabinet.

However, I do have husband quotes and a preggers update. ;)


"I love you even more than bacon."

"Babe, why do you have a big bag of weed in the kitchen?"

For the record, it's red raspberry leaf tea . . . and I knew as soon as I opened the package that he would be calling it weed. Le sigh.

We're excited.

Pregnancy happenings: There is a muchness of baby in front of me, as you can see. I think this is what they call the "beached whale stage." Honestly, I sort of forget what life was like without a big belly preceding me. I suppose that once upon a time, I could bend over without grunting like an inelegant cow . . . yes, I recall those days vaguely . . .

Tadpole is full term now (38 weeks yesterday!) but I've been trying not to go into labor, i.e. moving slowly and taking a lot of breaks as I unpack. After all, the nursery is not ready, the house is still full of boxes, none of her clothes have been washed let alone put away, I don't have the required paraphernalia to take to the birth center. Oh my. People ask me if I'm "ready" and I just sort of give them a skeptical look. What does "ready" even mean when it comes to bringing a brand new soul into the world?

Some days I cannot wait until she arrives. I can't wait to see her little feet, not just feel them. I can't wait to hold her. I can't wait to discover her personality. Other days I am on the verge of a freakout at the thought of, well, being a mother. How am I supposed to take care of a miniature person? How will I know what she needs? Are they seriously going to let us take her home?!

Well, it could be any day now. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Alex is applauding Jared..."every man needs to realize that he loves his wife more than bacon and ought to publicly acknowledge it."

    And I will add that Alex brings bacon into as many conversations as possible. Our husbands should get together just so they can stop harassing US about bacon.

  2. I HATE HATE HATE that giant beached whale stage at the end. But, you know, it's almost over. :) So that's the good thing. And it takes surprisingly little time for your tummy to look like a tummy and not a balloon, so that's good.

    Esther came like three weeks before I was ready. We were in disarray. But she didn't care. :)