13 March 2013

Well Written Wednesdays: his second name is Gengulphus

I was rather surprised.

"Do they knight birds like him?"

"Oh, yes, sir. A gentleman of Mr Trotter's prominence in the world of publishing is always in imminent danger of receiving the accolade."

"Danger? Don't these bozos like being knighted?"

"Not when they are of Mr Trotter's retiring disposition, sir. He would find it a very testing ordeal. It involves wearing satin knee-breeches and walking backwards with a sword between the legs, not at all the sort of thing a sensitive gentleman of regular habits would enjoy. And he shrinks, no doubt, from the prospect of being addressed for the remainder of his life as Sir Lemuel."

"His name's not Lemuel?"

"I fear so, sir."

"Couldn't he use his second name?"

"His second name is Gengulphus."

"Golly, Jeeves," I said, thinking of old Uncle Tom Portarlington, "there's some raw work pulled at the font from time to time, is there not?"

-from Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit by P.G. Wodehouse


We've not 100% settled on a name for this little girl, but you can at least be certain that it will not be Gengulphus Portarlington.

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  1. Oh, come now! What could be more appropriate for your first born than a unique name from one of the greatest writers?!