05 May 2012

Weekend linkage

"No, I'm not going to stop making fun of you. It's one of my principal pleasures in life."


Ooh, this pea salad and coconut fish curry both look delicious.

Speaking of fish, I learned last week that fish ranching is a thing. Our next big career move!

Though we already own two teapots, two French presses, three carafes, an auto drip coffeemaker, a Bialetti, and a porcelain pourover cone (i.e. nearly every hot-drink-producing device known to man), this laboratory-inspired service set-- simultaneously clever and beautiful-- is loudly calling my name.

Just add monster.

This is definitely the best "Hey Girl" spoof I've seen yet.

Ouch. Poor guy.

Sherlock is on this weekend EEEEEEE!!! (Also, Benedict Cumberbatch reads The Little Red Hen.)

I recently heard an NPR interview with Joel Osteen. Fittingly, I found this article a few days later: "What's Wrong With Joel Osteen?"

Really interesting article about Christians and slavery during the Civil War.

Add Phil Wickham to the long list of Things I Didn't Know I Liked Until Jared Happened. (A list that includes baseball, sour cream, and sweatpants.)

Holy Holy Holy by Phil Wickham on Grooveshark

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