03 May 2012

tag, you're it

You may have noticed that I added several new "tags" to that list on the right. I like to be able to find things, and you probably do too, so I thought these additional labels might be nice!

Posts filed under Crunchalicious chronicle my natural-lifestyle-hippie-crazy-prairie-woman endeavors, from making yogurt to putting pumpkin on my face, and musings, from deceptive advertising to natural cleaning alternatives.

I decided to collect my posts on discouragement, depression, and finding hope in God in the midst of the mess, and file them under Even the Darkness. I know I'm not the only one. (While pulling together this tag, I discovered that I've unwittingly posted John Donne's "Batter My Heart, Three Person'd God" three separate times on this blog. That made me laugh. Apparently I like this poem.)

As for The Boy, well, that's what my dad called Jared the whole time we were dating, so these posts include our courtship story, thoughts on marriage, and random snippets of our life together.

Sometimes the labels go all wonkus on me and stuff is filed under the wrong category. A quiche recipe under "Scripture," for example. If you ever find a post like that, leave a comment and I'll fix it! :)

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