07 May 2012

up, up, and away

"In four more years we'll be able to put our hair up," said Diana. "Alice Bell is only sixteen and she is wearing hers up, but I think that's ridiculous. I shall wait until I'm seventeen."

"If I had Alice Bell's crooked nose," said Anne decidedly, "I wouldn't-- but there! I won't say what I was going to because it was extremely uncharitable."

--Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


Why do I put my hair up so often?

First: I don't like my hair. The only haircut I've ever loved was a stacked bob. However, the husband wasn't such a fan of that style, and I got tired of paying for a trim every month! So I went back to long, where at least I can do something pretty with it in order to disguise the fine texture, dishwater color, and unimpressive volume (whine whine whine). Jared does really like when I put it up, so I figure it's a nice solution all around.

Second: my face is rather plain. I mean, I'm not the Countess of Tyrol, but modeling agencies sure won't be calling me either. I think a good hairdo counterbalances what my face lacks . . . I can make my hair feminine and interesting, even if my square chin and wide cheekbones aren't. haha :)

Third: it's fun. This last reason is the best, as it's positive rather than a mere attempt to mitigate (what I see as) my flaws. So it's the one I have chosen to focus on. A sleek half-ponytail or twist makes me feel elegant, even if I'm wearing ratty old jeans. I'm amassing quite a collection of headbands, flowers, and pins to pretty up my creations.

Most recently I have been amusing myself with mini-beehives. Don't worry, I'm not doing the full Winehouse . . .

I just like making a tiny part in the front, with the rest combed straight back and teased for some volume, then a messy bun to finish it off. Then I can pretend that I look like Brigitte Bardot. (Please don't burst my bubble.)

A high bun is something else I've been trying out, and I think I like it. This style will work even better when my hair grows another inch-- at the moment, it's a bit hard to keep every strand piled up there.

(Now if I only had as much hair as Hailee Steinfeld, we'd really be talking!)

What do you like to do with your hair, ladies? Any ideas for me? :)


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  2. I love this blog:


    She's got tons of hair tutorials and she has fine hair so I know that they are doable for me.