30 March 2012

Weekend linkage

Last weekend we attended a wedding where I knew a lot of people (fellow Hillsdaleans), but most of them had never met my husband. I introduced him.

Friend: So Jared, what do you do?
Me: He keeps me sane.
Jared: Yeah, it's a full-time position.

Oh well. At least he has job security.


Me: I figured out why women get emotional more quickly than men. Our thoughts are tangled up in one another, so when you pull on one, all the others come tumbling along with it.
Jared: Yes, that seems to be the case . . .
Me: For example, you and I start discussing Topic A, but immediately Associated Implications B + C + D crowd into my head, and in all likelihood there's some strong emotion attached to one of those, and soon I'm freaking out in the middle of a sentence, and meanwhile you're still back on Topic A and can't figure out what the big deal is.
Jared: That is also the case.
Me: It's because women don't separate their thoughts into units, and men do.
Jared: So your thoughts are like a plate of spaghetti!
Me: Yes, and yours are like waffles.
Jared: Ha ha. That's good, babe.
Me: Um . . . you realize that's not an original comparison?
Jared: Seriously?
Me: Yeah. There's like a whole book about it.
Jared: Somebody stole my idea before I even had it!!


An article to go along with my earlier posts on appearance: "Of course, we can read over-the-top hyperbole on the covers of Vogue or Cosmo and reason that they're absurd. We can look at images like Blanchett's on Harper's Bazaar and know, rationally, that this isn't the real world. But it isn't reason that these magazines are after."

A pretty spiffy organization, putting together short films and photo collages to explain the language of sustainable food. ("Grass Fed" below.)
Did you know that green onions will regrow their tops? I didn't until two weeks ago when I ran across this post. It works! I'm happily snipping green onions on everything from lentil soup to taco salad. Make sure you change the water every couple of days.

A sweet and tearful wedding (the groom was terminally ill yet they chose to go through with the marriage).

Just made these. So good. I used half almond butter, half peanut butter-- and added 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. (Oh, and you really do need to let them cool a few minutes on the baking sheet before moving.)

This, I have not yet made, but oh boy do I want to. Now where to find bufala?

Aw. Cute paper clips at Ruche! The pigs are my favorite.

Dyeing eggs with cabbage and turmeric: definitely on the docket for next week.

Oh My God by Jars of Clay on Grooveshark


  1. I believe that you have exactly described the functioning of the female mind (at least as far as that is even possible...)!

  2. Thank you for linking to my post (about the green onions!)

    And I think I need to check out some of your recipe posts :-)

  3. I believe that Jared is up to the task....