02 April 2012

not so well written Mondays

 A few weeks back I told the husband that I while I can write pretty good prose, I can't write poetry.

Well, only silly poetry, I amended.

Next thing I knew, I'd promised to write him a poem.

In our mudroom we have a chalkboard, which is where I composed said poem. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that, and now, I'm writing one every week and leaving it on the chalkboard. They are all rather ridiculous. :)

Here is last week's: a haiku playing on Jared's nickname for me ("Penguin"), the return of several mallard ducks to the stream behind our house, and the fact that I have been digging my toes into the dirt every chance I get on these warm days. 

small penguin prefers
mud to snow; the springtime ducks
are kindred spirits

p.s. We watched How to Train Your Dragon on Saturday night. So funny. I want a Terrible Terror for a pet.

Sticks & Stones by Jónsi on Grooveshark

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