26 February 2011

51 Weeks [in which I acquire two rings, a new last name, and a husband in less than a year]

"You just got married? Congratulations! How did you meet?"

"Well, we've been in the same church our entire lives."

"How sweet. So you grew up together?"

"Um, sort of. I mean, not exactly. See, we knew each other. Kinda. But we weren't friends. When we started dating, we were practically strangers . . . but once we started, it went awfully fast . . . oh. This is a long story."


So long, in fact, that it will need multiple posts. Beginning now.

This is the story of our romance. It was fun. It was terrifying. It was, ultimately, a joy I never expected. And it all happened in fifty-one weeks. Some of you have heard the abbreviated tale, but now I'll have time to tell it well; others of you haven't heard it at all. Either way, stay tuned. It's a pretty crazy ride and chock-full of grace!

1: In Which Everyone Is Surprised
2: In Which We Keep the Mailman Busy
3: In Which Things Progress
4: In Which There Is Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
5: In Which Things Are Said
6: In Which There Is Love
7: In Which the Ring Makes Its Appearance
8: In Which We Waste No Time
9: In Which There Is Kissing


  1. Fun, fun, fun. I look forward to the story!

  2. I remember when this story started. You were one very happy and very distracted (distracted from homework, papers, and other such non-essentials, that is) person who came bouncing into my room!! :)