24 November 2010

Pie and the eating of it

Pretty sure I just made the tallest apple pie in the history of ever. It's 6 and 3/4 inches at the peak, before baking. We'll see how high it is when it emerges from the oven.

(I figure that if you're going to make a pie, you might as well MAKE A PIE.)

One great thing about having Cherry Hill Orchards ten minutes down the road is the ability to choose your own pie apples. Sample, get the right mix, look for large or small ones, and then pay only a dollar per pound at the end. I bought a combination of Granny Smith and some local apple whose name I can never remember-- it is very large, a pale red with touches of green, and perfectly sweet for baking. Not too attractive on the outside, but it makes great pie and dumplings!

I can't wait to dig in. Can it be tomorrow soon?? Caramelized apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon . . . oh baby. Somebody remind me to buy whipped cream.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Jared's side of the family this year. In addition to pie, I'm contributing cranberry sauce and an alarming appetite.* That's fair, isn't it?

*Last weekend, while eating brunch at a diner in Cincinnati, I shocked my husband by polishing off a three-egg omelet stuffed with chorizo and monterey jack and and peppers and tomatoes and corn, surrounded by salsa and green chili sauce, plus a piece of toast, plus some pan-fried red potatoes. He didn't think I could eat it all. HA.

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