05 May 2010

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For the most part, while grocery shopping, I look first for what's on sale. Quality's a big factor too, but I think you can get good quality from a variety of brands. Usually. Here are some brand names I do prefer-- sale or no sale.

If you like tart yogurt you will like siggi's skyr. It's thick Icelandic-style yogurt sweetened with a bit of agave. To increase its appeal, it comes in quirky flavors like grapefruit and pomegranate, and the labels are very pretty. (Yes. I am a sucker for pretty labels.)

There's no substitute for King Arthur's white whole wheat flour. I love this company, period. From the flours to the blog to the customer service, it's one fine establishment.

Sobe Lifewater has zero artificial sweeteners. Thus, zero weird aftertaste. Fuji apple pear, cherimoya punch, and strawberry dragonfruit are my favorites.

I've tried a lot of gum, and Orbit beats them all.

Imported Italian pasta rules: better flavor and texture. Delallo is excellent, but Allegra is another great brand I just discovered (thanks to Ben Beiler's, which is also where I found siggi's . . . yay cheap food).

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