04 May 2010

If I Could Do It Again

Creating a wedding registry was great. More fun than a box of rocks, and so much happier than your typical wish-list, because you know you're going to get the stuff. (Okay, unless you put down like six different table lamps and a full rainbow of tablecloths and whatever useless doohickey collection Pottery Barn just unveiled. In that case, you probably won't "get the stuff." Our registry was fairly small, however, so we did check just about every item off the list.)

Furthermore, I am quite happy with what we registered for. I think there were only two or three items I'd take off the list if I had a second chance. From what I hear, that's a fortunate conclusion-- apparently a lot of new couples end up piling up tennis ball racks and handy-dandy retractable serving forks in a corner of the basement, realizing that they aren't so useful after all.

Yet with that said, here are some things I'd totally put on the registry, were there a round two. I'm sure there are several non-essentials I could remove from the original list in order to make room for these lovelies.

Awesome dishes from Royal Copenhagen.

Steak knives! Because eating steak (no matter how delicious) gets a little difficult with butter knives.

More Rubbermaid. You can never have enough bins, and plastic beats cardboard for durability and prevention-of-bug-invasions. I've only got two people's worth of belongings to store, but gee whiz, we already take up a lot of room.

Uh, basically everything from Three Potato Four.

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