22 March 2010

More Coffee Shop

Borders’ Bookstore is much different from Panera. (I think I like it more.) There has a really interesting variety of people, yet fewer loud teenage conversations, and actually—-and this might be why I like it so much—-it reminds me of AJ’s CafĂ© at Hillsdale. Good memories.


Is it weird that I concentrate better when there are a lot of people around? Silence distracts me. I guess I work best in a fairly “active” environment, but where the conversations are subdued and the music is tame. In other words, where I can see movement but not have to participate in it—-where I can hear some noise but not have it drilled into my head.


Also, I do not like coffee syrup flavorings. I don't think I have ever had one that didn't leave a weird taste in my mouth. Have you?

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