23 March 2010

The Very Little Things

It doesn't take much to amuse me. Here are some of the "little things" that have brought a smile to my face lately.

Being able to roll down all the windows and open the sunroof.

Discovering that a baking soda and water solution gets rid of powdery mildew, which was plaguing my rosemary. (Thank you, Mrs. Odell.)

Gel inserts for my running shoes. What's more, they came in a pink be-flowered package.

Finding a gorgeous marble chessboard in the stuff Jared hauled from a recent job-- and putting it in my kitchen to roll out pastry.

Being called "Mrs."

Those little scraper things that come with Pampered Chef stoneware. Why did I never realize their amazingness before? They work perfectly not only for pizza stones and muffin tins, but any time you want to avoid getting sticky junk all over your sponge: i.e. flour-encrusted rolling pins, doughy mixer blades, and horribly burnt pots (ohh, that's another story altogether).


  1. The little scraper thing also works well on counter tops that are encrusted with the remains of "Yeasty" bread dough!!!!!


  2. i am also fond of the little scraper things from Pampered Chef. they bring me great joy in my duties of cleaning the kitchen. :) its amazing the uses you will find for them.