24 July 2012

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 7

I found this Bodum tea press at a yardsale this spring. Whether you like loose-leaf or bagged tea, this design simply locks the tea in a waterproof compartment after you've finished brewing, which means that you no longer need to fish it gingerly out of the hot water. Also, glass retains heat better than ceramic, though I do love my Boleslawiec pottery teapot as well.

Ikea aprons rule. I've got four aprons in my pantry but this is the only one big enough to guarantee zero splashes or stains. . . and I'm not even a large person. Maybe I am just abnormally messy? DADDY, NO COMMENTS ON THAT.

Gillette Fusion. Yes. Just as I wear a men's wedding ring (I don't do dainty jewelry, and none of the ladies' options were wide enough to match the band on my engagement ring) I now use men's razors. They work better than wimpy girl blades. Avalon Organics makes a great shaving cream, by the way.

This Microplane zester is my favorite new toy. Garlic and parmesan! Lemon and carrot! Chocolate and more chocolate!

For some reason I never realized that one could take cod liver oil capsules instead of choking down the oil itself. It's a good time.

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