09 March 2012

Weekend linkage

{image credit: Les Kinder}
Jared: I know this is really insensitive, and politically incorrect, and offensive, and all of those things . . .

Me: But it's funny, so you'll say it anyway.

Jared: I think Paula Deen looks like Miss Piggy.


Super cool photography series, in which older folks see their younger reflections.

Will the cuteness never end?

For next time you're in the kitchen, here is a complex recipe (a candy thermometer is involved) and one rather less so (water and a pot).

Manhole covers are boring. Or are they?

Here's a really cool idea for praying around the dinner table. (For more than your meal.)

To finish up, four articles for you this week.

First, how introverts fit into the body of Christ. "Paul doesn’t say that the internal work of God will produce love, joy, peace, patience, and gregariousness. People are born with different temperaments, which is all part of God's rich and beautiful design for His body, but kindness is what we're all called to. Kindness is what God is working in us through the implanted seed of the gospel. Of course, extroversion is a wonderful quality, but some people have it and some people don’t. No matter what our temperaments, however, kindness is to be our stance before people."

Second, having a God-centered (read: Trinitarian) Gospel. "As Christians, we affirm that God is one in essence, but we also affirm with equal zeal that this one God exists in three persons. Whenever God acts, there are three persons on the stage."

Third, some thoughts on Dorothy Sayers and womanhood. "The answer is not to boil each other down to our lowest common denominator and relate from there – it’s to learn how to appreciate one another’s differences and be willing to work within the parameters that they create."

And fourth, are you as busy as you think you are? This author doubts it. "I soon realized I'd been lying to myself about where the time was going. What I thought was a 60-hour workweek wasn't even close. I would have guessed I spent hours doing dishes when in fact I spent minutes. I spent long stretches of time lost on the Internet or puttering around the house, unsure exactly what I was doing."


  1. The Sayers article is interesting.

    I ordered a trial copy of Modern Reformation Magazine....

    It's pretty good, I only got through (2) articles. Might be worth the subscription.

  2. Ask Jared if he thinks it's worse that I told Lane he is a "hip" Ray Romano.