04 January 2012

Well [Spoken] Wednesdays: Dr Juroe edition

I took the only evening class of my college career with Dr Juroe. Three hours every Monday night. It was a good class, it truly was, but by the middle of the semester I was falling asleep halfway through; 8:00 PM is never my most shining hour.

However, once we began to take a break for tea and cookies, things improved. :)

Here are the marginalia of Dr Jim Juroe.

Eighteenth Century British Literature

"That was a joke. You were supposed to laugh!"
"King Josiah was like a one-man Hillsdale College."
"I'm doing this out of human laziness, with which I am afflicted."
"There's not much education going on in the world today."
"I'm going to give you a really dumb analogy now."
"Be quick like bunnies!"
"The dullards are really, really funny."
"Let's talk about more ghoulish stuff. Isn't this fun?"
"She looked like a young Marilyn Monroe: a glass of milk with a swatch of lipstick across it."
"These people can't read. They probably went through college studying sociology.""If you don't know for sure, just shout even louder! That's what our politicians do."
"You're a sneaky bunch."
"Hillsdale has always been long on abstractions."
"Don't hold me to my promises. That would be really tacky."
". . . but that's another part of my wayward youth."
"I execute students who sell their books."
"Paradise ain't never good enough for those who live in it."
"Queen Anne passed some really stupid laws."

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