27 January 2012

Weekend linkage

Good thing drinking coffee isn't a capital offense in these parts. I'd soon be short a husband. (Okay, I drink it sometimes too.)

I dislike unreasoned divides between "girl things" and "boy things." Boys should learn how to vacuum the living room, hold a baby, and make lunch; girls should be able to take out the trash and shoot a gun. But I am a decided complementarian for all that, who believes there are some very clear Scriptural lines between male and female, and this story is . . . weird.

One nail polish to rule them all. Yes, that caption about sums it up.

Granted, I don't need any more tote bags. BUT.

We like potatoes and will be making potatoes Lyonnaise soon, methinks.

We also like real food and won't be doing a juice cleanse soon, methinks. (I love Garance.)

As for the photo, which comes from The Sartorialist: do you think Jared would wear a hat like this?

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