10 January 2012

some brand love

Schulte-Ufer cookware. I have two pots from the Wega line, and they are real workhorses: stainless steel, heavy bottoms, glass lids, all easy to clean. The first came from my one and only yardsaling expedition this summer. The second was a Christmas present from my husband, to replace the flimsy and slightly warped saucepan I'd been muddling along with since our wedding. Burnt quinoa, begone!

Aubrey Organics Blue Camomile. Both the shampoo and the conditioner . . . I've got fairly dry hair and this line works well. It uses a very natural formula (a good rating on Skin Deep). Fairly pricey, but better if you order from Vitacost, and one bottle lasts me a long time.

IKEA dishes. The FARGRIK line to be exact, in white for most things and green for our favorite curry-stew-pasta-whatever bowls. I love the simple, strong lines and classic colors. We've had ours for two years and have inflicted surprisingly little damage upon them: one broken dessert plate and two chipped cereal bowls. The nice thing about IKEA stuff is that when it does break, you don't have to empty your piggy bank replacing it.

Graphique La Petit Presse stationery. Oh TJ Maxx, you are my friend. The green whale thank-you notes are my favorite.

Market Pantry frozen vegetables. Now, I usually don't buy organic unless it is super-on-sale, so if you do, this recommendation is not for you. :) Target sells frozen vegetables that are both cheap and good: 99 cents for a pound of peas, spinach, green beans . . . I've been very happy with the quality so far, and I'm picky about that kind of thing! It is really nice to just grab a bag out of the freezer at the last minute.

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