09 December 2011

Weekend linkage

Murder and Mr Darcy! I require this book for Christmas vacation reading.

But first there's Christmas, and an inimitable Design*Sponge gift guide for the DIY-ers of your acquaintance.

Or you could choose something from this list of the 5 Best Toys of All Time. ("Box" was always my personal favorite.)

Skim milk is bad. Thank you for noticing . . . now please tell the FDA.

And when you make your scientifically determined perfect cup of tea, use whole milk!

This is what I will tell myself about politics from now on. "The alternative is just too distressing."

Boiled omelets! That's what we call crazy sauce.

A very interesting article on pastoral qualities, and how shepherding often gets jettisoned in favor of managing.

This-- a giant theremin-- is pretty rad. I mean, you dance in front of it and it makes music. Can you imagine how much entertainment one could derive from this? And how long a six-year-old would be mesmerised by it? Maybe this is a Christmas present up there with Box.

(The fact that Melbourne spent over 90 grand to build it, maybe not so rad, but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the thing itself.)

{image from Lizz Lunney}

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  1. Jane Austen meets mystery story--sounds intriguing! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am definitely going to find this one to read!