05 December 2011


On Saturday, while we were decorating our Christmas tree, we ate stuffed mushrooms and sweet potato chips and I made a large pot of Earl Grey. This reminded me of the superiority of tea-in-a-teapot to tea-in-a-mug. It tastes cleaner and is certainly far more fun.

So I've decided to start making myself a pot of tea in the mornings; it does not require much more tea than a mug, as it uses the tea more efficiently, and I get more than one cup out of the deal. It also increases the Elegance Quotient of my morning by leaps and bounds.

What shall I brew in said pot? Well, we've been buying London Cuppa at Marshall's and love it, but who knows when they'll run out. (The problem with Marshall's and TJMaxx: fabulous but inconsistent.)

When the supply vanishes, we will probably return to Twining's. Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey are the favorites.

I do recall liking PG Tips. Since it seems that I make an Amazon order bimonthly, I may throw a box in next time.

{image: Sir John Tenniel's illustration of the Lewis Carroll's Mad Tea Party}


  1. PG Tips is the best tea for the price I've found anywhere. A wonderful tea for everyman's everyday. We often blend a Twining's Earl Grey and English Breakfast, if you're drinking enough for two bags. I haven't found much difference between drinking loose-leaf and bagged teas when it comes to the standard blends, but with more exotic teas the loose-leaf is certainly to be preferred. Darjeeling, for instance. The champagne of teas. You might like to look for a small tea-pot, something that holds no more than two or three cups. They take up less room on the counter, and you don't have to worry about pouring too much water in, and over-diluting your tea. Also, if you really want practical Elegance, you Must have a tea-cosy.

  2. Agreed.....PG Tips is superb. It's to Brits what Lipton's is to Americans. So much more body and depth. (So typical)
    Ooooo I love my tea.

    Maybe I will start brewing a pot in the morning, too, instead of drinking my 4 cups mug by mug. :-)