21 May 2011

Weekend linkage

If you didn't know, the world is ending today. Some good thoughts from Eric Landry on an orthodox Christian's attitude towards Camping-ites.

Speaking of the world's end-- in case it comes by zombie apocalypse, the CDC has advice on how to survive. Thank goodness.

I'm so confused. Why do we need to teach three-year-olds to multiply? A NYT article on parents who take their (very young) children to Kumon for supplemental education.

Stephen Colbert does liturgical dance. Love.

So apparently there are noodles without calories. But . . .  but . . . why? If your body is hungry, it needs energy, not fiber!

Why we must speak the Gospel, with words and not merely actions. "We hope against hope that we won't have take the trouble to figure out how exactly to talk about the gospel—our unbelieving friends will 'catch' the gospel once our lifestyle is infected with it."

Evangelical Christians often speak of "a personal relationship with Jesus." But Fred Sanders asks, where does that phrase come from?

How not to run a church small group.  Too funny!

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