17 May 2008

Pictures, Being Worth a Thousand Words...

...shall comprise the majority of this post. I finally managed to get my pictures onto somebody else's computer (hurray for Chris' card reader) so I will now illustrate my previous posts, which (I'm sure) will make it far more interesting for all involved. This should get us to the end of Ankara.

Here's a courtyard in the center of old Istanbul. Cute Turkish children! Sunny blue skies! Yay! This actually used to be the Roman hippodrome, and it still has....

This grand old chunk of rock. It's the obelisk that they dragged up from the Egyptian temple of Karnak to act as a place marker for the chariot races.

Charlotte, Hannah, and Catherine snooze in the park. We do a lot of this. We go go go for hours on end, and then...crash.

My very own self in the Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul: the Blue Mosque. Definitely my favorite thing we saw that day (unless I'm forgetting something, which is likely, seeing as our days are so overwhelmingly packed!).

We decided to find a tower, and we also found a fruit stand...this was in the Galata district. I was taking the picture because of the lovely colors in the fruit, but the shop owner definitely thought I was photographing him. lol. He started grinning and posing, but poor fellow, he didn't quite make it into the shot.

Cheap grocery store = happy me. This is a fizzy peachy delicious drink that cost 10 lira cents, or in other words, 8 American cents. Woot!

Jody strikes a classical pose. This was the lovely trashed-out park we discovered about a block from our hotel; we were convinced that Ankara had to have something worthwhile in it, but this sure wasn't it!

The mausoleum of Ataturk, "Father of the Turks."

Guards at the mausoleum. There were also a bunch of schoolchildren, who got even more excited than we did about the guards. Oh, and the guards definitely had daggers. COOL BIG daggers. The museum also had a huge display of Ataturk's weapons, some of which had rubies as large as my fingernail set into the pommel.

Rachel and Catherine, who are roommates for the trip. See, these are the lovely ladies I have the privilege to travel with for an entire month!!

This is how we spent the night in Ankara: fiddling around with the testy internet connection. (Here we have Duncan Jr. and Andrew).
OK, time for a new post.

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