31 May 2008

Now We're in Pergamum

...but the pictures are from last week.

The "Maiden's Castle" in Merced.

Coolest rest stop ever. Reclining couches, amazing mountain view. This is Hannah overlooking the picturesque valley...

Kathryn found a piano in the Whirling Dervish city and happily filled the hotel lobby with music.

This is in Pisidian Antioch, if I recall rightly. Poppy fields! My favorites!

I'm short. (This is in the martyrion of St. Philip in Antioch. I was enjoying the beautiful architecture when Jody kindly decided to remind me of my small stature. Thanks a LOT...)

Funny guitar-playing man and his parrot.

Wow. Lovely. Temple of Artemis at Aphrodisias.

The two above are from lunch in Bodrum on Wednesday. Tasty pita! Crunchy salad! Me and Catherine! (Yes, I'm in a swimsuit. We just came from the beach.)

Also in Bodrum, we went down to the waterfront to find a bar showing the England v. USA soccer match on Thursday night. Of course, it was rather a job to find a place 1) without freaky music 2) serving drinks we could actually afford 3) not stuffed with rabid British fans. We finally did, and even though the US lost big time, that was no surprise...and the drink was good. Mmm Kahlua.

Goodnight! I'm going to read "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" out loud and then play Settlers of Cataan. My, what crazy nights I have.


  1. Settlers of Catan! What a great game. I haven't played it in a while. Love the pictures! Can't wait to see you in person!

  2. You look pretty in the poppy field!
    I miss you!
    love, Rachel

  3. my my rebekah ~ drugs, alcohol, and swimming suits in the same post! what scandal in turkey. hope you get to see Prince Caspian; it's excellent. can't wait to see ALL of your pictures (but esp. you)!!