04 May 2008

The First "Turkey Post"

Yes, this post actually contains something having to do with my trip to Turkey, rather than random photographic experiments. Not that it's a very important piece of information. To be honest, I'm writing this mostly because I am tickled pink about having a blog and I like posting on it. Yup, actually, that's entirely the reason. I think I've wasted the time of everyone who reads this. Because...the only thing I have to say about Turkey thus far is: I got my malaria pills today. (There, isn't that thrilling?)

Actually, come to think of it, malaria pills ARE pretty exciting. They will probably prevent me from dying in a squalid foreign hospital. In addition, they are pink and give hallucinatory dreams. Hurray!

All right. It's time to forget about my international jaunt and concentrate on my two remaining finals. I promise not to post again till I can show pictures of my suitcases being packed for departure.

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