18 June 2014

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"The Bishop looked thoughtfully about at the white jars on the shelves. 'You are very advanced in your theories of medicine, are you not, Monsieur Auclair?'

"'On the contrary, I am very old-fashioned. I think the methods of the last century better than those of the present time.'

"'Then you do not believe in progress?'

"'Change is not always progress, Monseigneur.' Auclair spoke quietly, but there was meaning in his tone."

-from Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather
In which, agreeing with M. Auclair in my skepticism of new-fangled drugs, I tell you about "natural medicine cabinet" items that get the job done.


Arnica montana. This is a homeopathic remedy. While plenty of people have deemed homeopathy a total crock, do you know of another way to erase bruises and drastically reduce soreness without any side effects or fear of overdose, even for babies? Well?

I took it when I got my wisdom teeth out and had hardly any bleeding; I only needed two ibuprofen afterwards. I gave it to Ellie when she fell off the bed (bad mommy award), and the impending goose egg on her forehead vanished. I gave it to her again when she tumbled all the way` down the stairs, and she ended up with a bruise smaller than a kernel of corn, nothing more. I am not terribly familiar with homeopathy and couldn't provide you with a scientific defense, but man oh man, arnica works.

These tablets are intended to dissolve in the mouth, not to be swallowed. If you need to give them to a child too young to know the difference, dissolve the recommended dosage in a few drops of water and administer it on a spoon.


Oscillococcinum and elderberry syrup. Homeopathy once again! Oscillo kicks the flu in its nasty viral tush. I caught the flu a few times in college, and oscillo always helped me to get over it quickly, rarely even missing a class. This past winter, I woke up one morning with symptoms-- severe aches and chills, you know that lovely feeling-- and when paired with elderberry, this remedy helped me to recover within 24 hours.

Elderberry does a number on influenza. I've also heard that it is a good immune support when taken on a regular basis and can help with colds, but I have not had much luck with that-- just with flu. I know that it's much cheaper to make your own and I plan to try that when I empty my current bottle.


Oregano oil. This is a very potent anti-fungal and anti-viral remedy. If you have ever had to deal with such awesome, super-attractive afflictions as ringworm or toenail fungus, you know that you want them gone quick. Dilute it with a carrier oil (I use almond or coconut): you can find safe dilution ratios here.


Breathe EO Blend. This is from doTERRA and is somewhat pricey, but as you'll be diluting it, the bottle lasts longer than you may expect. For coughing and congestion, you can apply it to the bottoms of your feet, or you can diffuse it (which is safest for infants).


Lympha Rub. This is a an essential oil remedy from Trilight Health. I've used it for achy-breaky flu symptoms and swollen glands. It works very well, and since it is premixed you don't need to dilute it yourself.

Have you ever heard this song? I'm not sure why we know it, but anyway, I include it here because we jokingly call our naturopath /chiropractor "the witch doctor." And because it's funny.)


  1. Love it! I'm such a crunchy health nut and totally totally agree about the distrust of modern meds, whenever possible. You should see my arsenal of homeo/herbal/essential oil/whatever else is ancient and works. :) Tom thinks I'm a little crazy, but then...they often work and he believes just a little more.

  2. Darlene Wilhelm Melton18 June, 2014 10:08

    I definitely know this song! I learned it by listening to the 45 records on the record player in Grandma's basement. Pretty sure your dad knows it from the same source... I'm guessing that he taught it to you. Funny! You know, I haven't heard this song in probably 45 years and guess what? I pretty much knew all the words. Is anyone surprised?

  3. Rachel @ Efficient Momma18 June, 2014 10:12

    They have an arnica gel too that I like to use on my toddler :-) LOVE your list, I've used all of them except the oregano oil :-)

  4. Darlene Wilhelm Melton18 June, 2014 10:21

    Just play the witch doctor son for him and he will appreciate it more. :)

  5. Thanks for linking up, Rebekah! I love arnica and your post reminds me that I need to go out and buy some asap:)

  6. Oh yes, that is where I learned it! At Grandma's house. And of course you remember the words. :)

  7. Ooo! There are a couple of new ones on here for me! I also dearly love the combination of Echinacea and vitamin C -- we've just recently treated what was probably Strep throat with it in my husband and two of my kids (we've had recurring Strep here for some reason). Since the test for Strep isn't effective until the symptoms are at least 24 hours old, we just started with the Echinacea and vitamin C at the onset of symptoms and they were enough better the next day that I didn't take them in. We kept at it for a week or so, and they were all done. Whoohoo!