12 July 2013

Weekend linkage

"Where two or more are willing to drink coffee, there the Spirit gathers."
-Jared the sage


Life with Ellie: She gets funnier all the time. If I sit with her on the front porch, every car, bicycle, and basketball-bouncing teenager that passes by gets a wide eyed stare. She can follow moving objects pretty well but can't quite synchronize her neck muscles for a smooth turn of the head. So it's more like stare-jerk-stare-jerk-stare.

She is still rolling over in her crib on occasion, and once did it at 5:45 AM (I just nursed her and popped her back into bed, where she stayed for another couple of hours thank you Lord).

We seem to be raising a stringbean. This morning she weighed only 11 pounds 4 ounces, but she is already 24.5 inches long-- she's grown three inches since birth! Obviously she is not taking after her mother. :)


We are breeding the nutrition out of our food.

The most popular baby names . . . by state.

Living for the love of good things. "Love God. Love family. Love beauty. Whatever is pure, whatever is noble, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, love these things. Love passionately. Love deeply . . . You may never know who watched you love that thing and came to love it as well."

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  1. Your baby makes the funniest little faces. And the baby names?? Wow.