16 July 2013

a moment of Eden

 I love Elizabeth's eyes.

They are big and blue and vivacious. They shine in delight as she peers at the strange world around her. They dart back and forth as her curious mind absorbs sights and sounds. They sparkle with good humor as she smiles and coos at us. Even when she was only a few days old, I looked into her eyes and saw them brimful with life.

One of the most awesome things to me, when I look at Ellie, is to think of her as a person and not just an infant. Yes, she is tiny, and her biggest accomplishments so far are to squawk, drool, and accidentally roll over. But she has an entire life ahead of her-- the intense, overflowing life I see in her beautiful eyes-- and who knows where it may lead? She has the same heart and soul of the woman she'll be in fifty years.

Maybe this is why I enjoy babies so much. They give us a moment of Eden: the hope and potential of a human life before any corruption creeps in. In a baby's round face you see the image of God in its purest form on this earth.

It's incredible to think of my daughter's whole existence bottled up, for now, in such a small body. Just waiting to unfold.

It unfolds a little more every day. I'm glad I get to be here for that.


  1. This is so beautiful Rebekah! Hooray for babies and Eden. : )

  2. While the "Eden-ness" goes away as they get older, the joy gets deeper. Now that Callan is crawling and learning to make decisions, we've added "adventurous" and "daring" and "mischievous" the list. Yes, he KNOWS he's not allowed to touch the knitting and touches it anyway, but he also has a spark in his eye that is so, so fun. :)

  3. I think it is more than the beauty of Eden before corruption creeps in. It is a glimpse of the amazement we wish we could all see and experience as we stare out through our own "peepers" at the mundane world around us.

    Imagine if we could be excited about the little commonalities of life. To see the not-so-common in those daily events. I had a small vision of this as I stood in grilling on Sunday, looking at the garden, thinking of the entire ensemble of the "fruit of my loins" (plus some) in the house I was amazed at His mercy... even the roses looked nicer, and you know my opinion on roses.


  4. It's a good perspective to keep.....thinking of her a person.....even as an adult.....her whole life.....that will serve you well as you raise her.