14 June 2013

Weekend linkage

"I know! You can do the dishes while I eat ice cream and brownies. Don't I have good ideas?"


Life with Ellie: I love watching her learn things. A baby comes into the world knowing so little. "How to cry" and "how to suck on things" are the extent of her initial skill set. But every week she figures something else out and adds some exciting new element to her life.

In the past couple of days, for example, Ellie realized that she had feet. Adults take feet for granted, but babies are amazed by them. Oh look, I think those things belong to me! How interesting they are! I can even move them-- this is fun!

She also learned how to put her thumb in her mouth all by herself. Previously, she could only do it if she was lying down and her hand was already in the right spot-- in any other position, her arm would just wave about crazily, and she'd get frustrated when her thumb would slip out of her mouth. But suddenly her motor skills sharpened enough for her to guide hand to mouth while sitting upright.

Again, this seems so commonplace to an adult, but for Ellie it's a whole new world. I guess I never realized how much growing and developing a baby does in these first couple of months.

Oh, and her obsession with Mr. Ceiling Fan continues. She is instantly mesmerized whenever she notices him.


Miniature people have adventures on food. You gotta see it.

A graph of brewery numbers in America. I found the complete drop to zero during Prohibition amusing. Apparently they're only counting legal breweries.

"A Gospel That Fits All People."

An uncle teaches his niece how to be a baby. "I would suggest that you do a lot of sleeping, but not in normal human ways. You're going to want to sleep for two and a half hours at a time. That way, your parents will approach but never quite achieve REM sleep, which is going to be hilarious."

This video clip reminds me of, oh, pretty much every time Mom left us with Dad. And this sort of thing is probably what will happen whenever Jared goes somewhere alone with Ellie. I've decided to embrace it early on: dads are just more fun.


  1. Dads are SO much more fun. Callan will NOT say "Mama". Only "Dada". He was simply taunting me with it today.
    "Say M-a-m-a!"
    [Big smile] "Dada!"

  2. Yes, Ellie was quite enthralled with those little toes on Wednesday! She kept trying to touch them, but couldn't reach them. :)