18 May 2013

Weekend linkage

"Hey! Did your mom tell you to do that?!"
-Jared after Ellie spit up all over him


Life with Ellie: Well, we discovered that our baby is cute even when she's sick. Yup . . . she came down with her very first cold. Runny nose, sneezing, and sometimes a little cough. She's better now, though, and really, she remained very pleasant through the whole thing (the only truly distressing thing about it, apparently, was cleaning her nose). She basically just slept a lot.

Of course, she passed her germs on to me, so now I'm the one with the runny nose. Sharing: it's what we do.

Another "first" was smiling at her reflection in the mirror. My wardrobe has a full-length mirror on one of the doors. If we stand in front of it, she doesn't always notice the reflection (because she gets distracted by the window! the fan! ooh shiny!), but when she does she just stares in awe and sometimes-- that precious sometimes-- she starts grinning.

And finally, I jumped into the world of cloth diapering this week. It's not nearly as complicated or difficult as I thought it might be. Yay! It makes a little more laundry, and that's about it. I'm just using prefolds and covers, and we have had none of the problems I feared (leaks, rash, etc). Besides, cloth diapers make for a really cute baby bum. :)


Lots of funny stuff today. I may just email this one to my students. GET IT RIGHT.

Kid President and Josh Groban. Kid President's face when Josh says he doesn't dance? Hilar.

More kids, rockin' out to pop songs in the back seat.

Thanks to Luke for this: if Congress tried to get stuff done like roommates. (Some language, lots of laughs.)


  1. Cloth diapers! Do you use a specific kind of cover? And I have to say I'm jealous about the no rashes--we had a lot of problems with those. I'm guessing it was mostly due to wheat and dairy, though--when I cut those out, most of the rashes left.

    1. I have Bummis Super Snap and Thirsties Duo Snap. They both work just fine, but I prefer the Thirsties-- they have a trimmer fit and double gussets at the leg. :)