04 May 2013

Weekend linkage

"So your finger is like a gateway drug."
-Jared [after I explained that when Ellie gets confused about how to use a pacifier, which she does on a regular basis, I let her suck on my finger and then slip the pacifier in]


Life with Ellie: It's been five weeks already! My life is, of course, so very different from how it looked pre-Ellie, but I do feel more like me now. Though I will never be exactly the same as I was, I don't feel like a tourist in a foreign land anymore. It's not because she has suddenly become predictable-- to the contrary, our days (and nights) never look exactly the same-- but because I have chilled out and have gotten to know my little girl better.

She learned some new tricks this week: squeaking and spitting up. :) She's also getting a lot better at being by herself. I don't like leaving her alone too often, but she can happily kick her legs on the changing table for a while, or blink contemplatively at the world in her seat while I tidy up the kitchen.

At her one-month-ish appointment yesterday she was in the 65th percentile for weight (9 pounds 15 ounces) but 90th for height (22.5 inches!). Do we have a baby supermodel?

All that growing tuckers me out!


Educational ghosts.

All the types of coffee you've ever (and never) heard of. "Americano: 1 part espresso 2 parts hot water. Mexicano: 1 part espresso 2 parts taco seasoning."

One more comic! What to do with those darn phone books they keep sending us.

Ever wonder what Queen Elizabeth I would look like today? Well, here you go.

Just so you all know, these brownies are splendid.

Less splendid. But hilarious. Aspic Glazed Lamb Loaf, anyone?

OK, something serious now. "Philosophers for Hire," an interesting post on Christians, college education, and what a "useful" major might really mean.

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