19 October 2012

Weekend linkage

"If you're such a smartypants, why don't you know about cashews?"

"Well, I didn't need a binder full of women to find you."


Pregnancy happenings: I absolutely love Eddie Bauer's down vests and already own several, but I had to buy a size up this past week-- they were on sale, and by the time the dead of winter rolls around, I'm gonna be too fat for my old ones.


The Love Commandos are on a mission to allow forbidden marriages in India. I say hurrah for love, but I'm not altogether opposed to arranged marriage either. And I'm curious about the longevity of these "rescued" marriages.

Some timely political insights from xkcd.

Busted: Planned Parenthood admits that it doesn't actually offer mammograms.

I've been enjoying Upstairs Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre. (Jared tolerantly watches it along with me.) The similarities between it and Downton Abbey are amusing-- what is up with those politically radical, rakishly handsome chauffeurs?!-- but I actually like Upstairs Downstairs a little more right now. It contains more history, thanks to Lord Holland's position in the diplomatic office. I recently read volumes 1 and 2 of William Manchester's Churchill biography so I love all the specific political events they're dragging in. Yes, it's a bit soapy, but what British-aristocracy miniseries isn't?

Taxman (Live) by Nickel Creek on Grooveshark

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