17 October 2012

savoring + anticipating

Fall Leaves in Rock Creek Park
{image credit: Brandon Kopp}
Right now I am reveling in certain simple pleasures, if for no other reason that once Tadpole arrives, they will whiz straight out the door. For example:

-Long hot showers.
-Sleeping for nine straight hours.
-Oodles of books, read uninterrupted.
-Wearing nice clothes and never getting stains on them.
-Going for a walk alone.
-Leaving computer cords and sharp objects out in the open.
-Husband all to myself.

I know that it's going to be hard for me to let go of those; after all, I've had them free for the taking all these years, and overnight they're going to become well-nigh-unattainable luxuries. You can bet that when they disappear, I'm going to want to whine. A lot.

But I also know that I'll learn, and that God is going to stretch me beyond what I can even imagine right now, and in an odd way, I am excited about that. So-- onward!

Besides, while some nice things will become impossible with the baby, I'll also get to enjoy all these, which are impossible without the baby:

-A fuzzy little head to kiss.
-Waking up with a tiny squalling child beside me.
-Re-reading books such as this and this.
-Miniature clothes and a miniature person to put them on.
-Taking Tadpole for a walk and watching someone else discover the world.
-Breastfeeding (not a joke, honest!).
-Watching Jared hold our baby, which, hello, I already perish of happiness when he holds other people's babies so you can imagine.

All in all, I cannot wait.


  1. Long hot showers are blissful on Saturday mornings, while husband watches baby. Because -- "honey, I'm in the shower! can you get that diaper?" etc. Especially blissful after broken sleep.
    And little people don't start noticing (or can't propel themselves toward) cords for at least six months, so you're safe for a while longer. (One of my friends joked that her baby would learn to crawl that much faster if she put knives a few feet in front of him.)
    And, as appalling as it sounds, our kindle has become one of my favorite things -- nursing before naptime is one of my best reading times.

  2. What's great about nursing, at least for the first few months, is how much reading you can get done. I read sooooooo much when Clementine was just born, more than any other 6 month stretch of my life, including college. Sure, it tapers off, but it's not a pleasure you'll have to forego immediately :-)

  3. So many fun things to read on your blog....love checking in now and then to see how you are doing. I must do it in person sometime soon when I see you at church too. :)

  4. Wendy is right: One nice thing about breastfeeding is the hours available for reading while the baby is young. Don't put away that stack of books yet!