01 October 2012

he has always answered

I just want to make a note of this.

God has always answered us.

Many people have told me, upon learning about this baby, "Wow, God answered your prayers!" I understand what they mean, I think. But I would like to be more precise: that positive pregnancy test didn't mean that God suddenly sat up and said, "Oh hey, Jared and Rebekah have been asking for a kid for quite a while . . . maybe I should respond." He never failed to reply to our prayers. It's just that, until July 28th, the answer was "No."

Actually, in another sense, the answer has always been "Yes." The Lord knew from the start when this child would be conceived, so even when we-- stuck in time-- heard no, He-- unbound by time-- knew that there would be a yes. What seemed like a no was in fact a not yet.

That is amazing.


  1. The Lord is seldom early and never late.


  2. Rebekah, This is great! This is one that is going in the archives for me. Thank you sister for encouraging me friend with biblical truth. He always answers prayers.