28 September 2012

Weekend linkage

"Aww, do you feel as bad as you look?"

(I did. My response was something like "urrrghmmph.")


Pregnancy happenings: Not much, except that we bought a crib (thanks Krista!) and I pinned a lot of stuff to my nursery board. And although I'm beyond "doesn't look pregnant," I'm now in the awkward "looks kind of fat" stage. Ha ha. I'm excited for this bump to be more obviously baby. :)


How to identify a hipster wedding. Now, all these things are wonderful-- who doesn't like fishtail braids and letterpress?-- but really. I think we can all acknowledge that they are No Longer Original.

This wallpaper, on the other hand, is very original. And very cool.

Speaking of coolness and hipsters and suchlike, Dinosaur Comics has its own spin on the gluten-free craze. I don't eat gluten myself, and I still laughed my head off.

Best word ever?

Best pesto ever? It's good, but it needed more olive oil (double) and a squeeze of lemon juice to make it sing.

This NYT article on cheating in high schools is quite sad. Two thoughts after reading it: one, though the impulse to cheat won't disappear by changing the environment, I agree that we put too much weight on test scores these days. (Jared and I were just talking about this. Though we both excelled grade-wise in school, we don't consider ourselves to be all that smart, just good at learning things and even better at regurgitating them; also, we don't procrastinate. We had classmates who earned lower numerical grades but who have far better ideas and are much more interesting conversationalists than either of us. So test scores = meh.) Two, these high-achieving kids are obsessed with getting into a "good college," which to them is Ivy League, and they'll do anything to get there. That is all kinds of wrong. At the risk of losing all my Hillsdale cred, I'm going to posit that you don't need a college degree to be a fully actualized, successful, and thoughtful human being. Let alone a degree from Harvard.


  1. Matthew and I vote for perambulator and brouhaha over diphthong.

    (kerfuffle is good too)

  2. Defenestrate is currently my favorite word...It's a pretty hard one to beat for being fun to say and having a cool meaning.