01 June 2012

Weekend linkage

Jared: July 15 to April 15 is nine months, right?
Me: Yup.
Jared: So July 1 to . . . what, May 1? That's nine months too?
Me: Uh no. That would be ten.
Jared: Man, really? *goes off to calculate on his fingers*

I finally caught him in a math error. Whee!


I hope that I'm having this much fun when I am an old granny.

Time for ice cream.

I am such a sap. This makes me cry! (And I believe "The Reichenbach Fall" contained some of the best acting I've ever had the pleasure to behold onscreen.)

"The Anatomy of a Newsies Number." Oh memories. Has anyone seen the Broadway show?

I'd like to start cooking with more beans, but my husband is not a big fan. Suggestions? This stew looks really good to me.

Thought-provoking post on small businesses versus big chains. "A super Walmart moved in next door to Mike's little store back when I was in college, and slowly, slowly it's chipped away at his dignity . . . if you can manage it, go find a little store." The comments are great too. (Me, I shop at Target and Amazon just like everyone else, yet I value the personal touch you find at family-owned businesses. Hmm. Thought-provoking as I said.)

GOOOOOOOAAAL!!! The BBC has a new show that purports to "give animals a voice," and it's very funny. Nighttime... daytime! I suppose it might tide me over with British wit until Sherlock returns (sob) next year?

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  1. You may catch him in more math errors when you are an old granny. :)