02 February 2012

with which we may eat, drink and be merry

Fall Table-New York Wedding-Christian Oth-Style Me PrettyLindt Intense Orange. I will simply quote the Lindt website: "a unique combination of dark chocolate with delicate orange pieces and almond slivers." You know those chocolate oranges from Christmastime? Same flavor, but with almonds and dark chocolate, a little more grown-up.

Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter and Company. To continue the theme of Combining Dark Chocolate With Other Tasty Things . . . pop open a jar, take a whiff, and I dare you to keep your spoon away. I'd like to try Mighty Maple next.

Terrachips Stripes and Blues. "Exotic vegetable chips," as the phrase goes, this one a mix of blue potatoes, sweet potatoes, and striped beets like unto archery targets. I wish Terrachips wouldn't use canola oil, but as a periodic treat, I heartily enjoy these. The blue potato, kabocha squash, and carrot mix is also great.

Celestial Seasonings' India Spice Chai. Though not typically a Celestial Seasonings fan, I find chai blend remarkably good. Strong hints of nutmeg and not too much clove (which is usually my quibble with chai teas).

Cascal Fermented Soda. All the fun of bubbly without the alcohol. Mind you, I don't object to alcohol. But sometimes one needs a beverage safe for one's younger siblings . . . or for oneself, if one plans on driving anywhere after dinner and has a rather low booze tolerance. (Me!!)

{image credit: camillestyles}

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