04 February 2012

Weekend linkage

Sonnets: hidey hidey hidey ho.

I neeeed to make kale chips.

For Valentine's Day, I planned to braise short ribs and buy a bottle of cabernet to go with them. As you wish.

I used to want to work in a bookstore. Maybe live in one too?

Daddy always called me his palomita.* Now I have the right cocktail.

I have decided that I wish to resurrect 1950's fashion.

Why we care about blog comments.

We have this IKEA desk . . . ideas for future tweaking! The whole site is great, actually.


Despite Monday's post, I'll admit that on some cranky days, I really do feel like this . . .

I'm not a girl to demand flowers. They just wilt after a while and are so ruddy expensive. But a big bouquet of these would be most acceptable.

Blog find of the week: The Dapper Kingdom. Chameleons with monocles!

Stricken, Smitten And Afflicted by Fernando Ortega on Grooveshark

*Why? Paloma Herrera. Once upon a time, you know, I was a ballerina.

1 comment:

  1. Nathaniel says you are ahead of yourself with the Lenten tune. :)

    And kale chips are delicious. We eat them all right after making them.