14 October 2011

Weekend linkage

Have you ever watched Kids React on YouTube? You should. Nothing better than a 10-year-old boy's honest opinion of Justin Bieber. Anyway, here's one of my favorite episodes: Kids React to Harry Potter. Six minutes of laugh. (The red-headed twins are the best.)

Ever since I saw a feature in Real Simple on lamp makeovers, I've been looking for a new shade. Our living room's table lamp has a great base, but a dingy old pleated shade . . . as replacements, this one and this one are particularly appealing.

This week I discovered Bloomsberry Chocolate. The flavor! The packaging! The color! I'm ruined for anything else.

Make a lace vase this weekend.

Not sure about you, but I write lists all the time, and this paper set looks perfect.

More grading music: back to the classics with Bach's Mass in B Minor.

I think this sort of conversation happens a lot with us. (I cry woe and despair. Long-suffering husband, though knowing the matter is not as dire as I think, pretends to take me seriously.)

I knew you could make incredible things out of Legos, but . . . wow.

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