08 July 2011

Weekend linkage

This week we embarked on a new adventure: raw milk. (Not so new for me, as my family has bought it in the past, but quite new for the husband.) From an Amish family 10 minutes south of Millersville, I purchased two gallons of cow's milk and-- just for fun-- a quart of goat's milk. Here is what I plan to do with that.

Along the lines of yesterday's inquisitive post, here are several creative culinary uses for your ice cube trays. Also, I don't know if this snazzy tray would solve my freezing quandary, but I want it anyway. So clever.

A good post from Passionate Homemaking on prayer, walking, and the beauty of quiet.

Ohforgoodnesssakes. This is the best piggy bank ever.

Have you ever listened to Solas? They're fantastic. Three of my favorite songs: Newry Highwayman, Homeless, and Adieu Lovely Nancy.

Spray paint. Must buy. Spray paint.

Here's what the NYPD did with their confiscated fireworks last weekend.(HT: Justin Taylor)

"Your feast is not far off." Some encouraging words from Samuel Rutherford.

I'd never heard of Polarn O. Pyret before this week, but they seem like a more fun version of Hanna Andersen . . . 

Secretary kitty complete with ruffles, notepad, and cats-eye glasses. Someday, when we have a nursery (or a little girl's room), I'll be looking up artwork like this. (HT: Design is Mine)

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