07 July 2011


I have two queries for the great wide world. Both freezer related. :) Email or comment if you have an answer! Grazie.

1) I like the idea of freezing food in ice cube trays: pesto, stock, tomato paste, heavy cream. I don't like the idea of ice cube trays picking up flavors and passing them on to the next batch of frozen food. Does that happen? How would you get around this? Are there trays that don't pick up flavors? I suppose stainless steel would avoid that problem, but man. So expensive.

2) Can one freeze zucchini successfully, and if so, in what form? I would like to capitalize on the approaching zucchini overload :)

{I have no idea where this image came from but it's awfully funny}


  1. I have grated zucchini and frozen it to make zuccini bread with later in the year. I just grate it up and measure out however many cups I need for two loaves of bread, scoop it into ziploc freezer bags, flatten them out and lay them flat stacked on top of each other to freeze. I would imagine you could freeze it for baking other things as well. I wouldn't think it would hold up well enough to just eat plain.

    I can't say I've ever tried the ice cube thing to give you any suggestions there. I did freeze food for Aaron in little ice cube like containers when he was first starting food, but he never told me whether his mashed potatoes tasted like his mashed peas. :-)

  2. I have frozen zucchini successfully. I shredded*** it and stuck it in a freezer bag. It looks the same as the day I froze it....last season. I have not attempted using it for anything other than winter stews.

    Your mileage may vary.

    *** I shredded it in the Cuisinart was the fastest method of processing, not because it specifically needs to be shredded.

    As for the first question, I suspect the odor absorbing qualities of plastic ice cube trays may vary. I find the wide mouth pint size jars more practical for my freezing needs, so don't have any experience with freezing anything other than colostrum....and making gelatin candy.

  3. Like Ann, I've frozen grated zucchini in zuploc bags and then used it for zucchini bread or cake. When you defrost it, it's really wet so I try to wring the extra water out via a strainer.