30 August 2010

I am happy to have . . .

1) My new double-walled ceramic mug, very much like this one, except mine is bubblegum pink. I'm wishing it were a bit larger, but I like it anyway and ceramic tops plastic or metal as far as Hot Drink Containment goes. (Nothing like a steely cup of tea. Woooo.)

2) Mums on the front porch! Yellow and pink, they are so delightful.

3) Smart students who make me laugh and think. They have great insights into the literature we study, and I never feel like I have to drag them along. Hurray for self-motivated high schoolers.

4) Time to read suspenseful novels. Latest find: When Eight Bells Toll by Alistair MacLean.

I heard a shout and the harsh chatter of some automatic weapon-- Jacques and his machine pistol, for a certainty. Had he imagined he'd seen something, had the box come to the surface, had he actually seen the box and mistaken it for me in the dark waters? It must have been the last of these-- he wouldn't have wasted ammunition on anything he'd definitely recognised as a box. Whatever the reason, it had all my blessing. If they thought I was floundering about down there, riddled like a Gruyere cheese, then they wouldn't be looking for me up here.

5) A nice big chest freezer for all these peaches!

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