12 August 2010


Sometimes they work. And sometimes . . . not.

Vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner. It's sort of amazing. Further excitement: it saves me from spending unnecessary $$ on other "green" cleaners.

Failure: Deep dish quiche. Leakage and undercooking and a collapsing crust, 'twas not a pretty sight. I guess the cooked parts were good though.

Success: Cutting my hair into a very sharply angled bob. Love it. I've learned that I never regret getting more taken off.

Failure: Finding a BPA-free and non-leaking water bottle that holds an entire gallon of water. Does anyone make those? Sheesh.

Somewhere in between: Homemade yogurt. It tastes great but isn't thick enough. Round two next week?

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  1. Below is what Vivianne once told me she did in order to make her yogurt thicker and creamier. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it would work.

    This is what I did to make the thickest, creamiest, yummiest yogurt I've ever had....it tastes like the store kind except that I made it from pure, simple ingredients.
    Very simple.

    1. I took a quart of my homemade yogurt (not heated above 115 so its still raw) and plopped it into a cloth lined colander sitting on a bowl. Place this in your fridge and wait 2-4 hours for a good amount of whey to strain out.

    2.Then I scraped the yogurt into my mini processor and blended it with a few drops of stevia until it was thick, creamy and smoooooth! (you can add vanilla at this point if you want to.)

    3.Lastly, serve it with any fruit topping or plain.....it is sooooo good!

    I plan to make this in large batches with my large colander and a regular size food processor because my family just eats it all up (when I decide to share it. :)
    If any of you want more details, e-mail me your questions or a time for us to call each other.