20 February 2010

Things About Which I Am Currently Excited

Sticky rug gripper tape (from Target of course). People, I'm serious, this is awesome: the rugs don't slip anymore. The Turkish carpet is finally secure, which means we've found a solution to what was not only an aesthetic irritant, but a safety hazard as well.

The soundtracks to Amelie and Chocolat... although I'm peeved that it took me this long to discover them.

This zucchini bread. I mean, I'm excited about the whole Smitten Kitchen blog, but that's nothing new. Everything I have tried from that blog is awesome, and even if not, I'd visit it for the writing and photography alone.

Getting free tickets to Mozart at the Fulton tomorrow... thank you, Jonathan and Amanda.

The fact that there was no new snow this weekend, which means that Jared didn't have to shovel it, which means that I get him all to myself. Yes, I am a selfish wife. :)

Lots of inquiries about my classes next year. It's only February and already I have nearly 30 people interested. (Mind you, only half are likely to follow through, but it's exciting anyway.)

Zucchini on sale for 99 cents a pound at Stauffer's. Now I can make loads of the bread mentioned above, put zucchini on pizza with caramelized onions and mozzarella (my word, that phrase had a preponderance of z's; a striking example of consonance, class), and of course saute zucchini to have alongside spaghetti carbonara or quiche or barbecue meatloaf or, um, just by itself.

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