15 February 2010

The Best Things About My Job

1) Hearing parents say "Your class was exactly what my child needed!"

2) Hearing students say "Oh, I get it!"

3) Grading papers and running across gems like these:
"He displays the qualities of bravery, generosity, tenacity, truthfulness, steadfastness, he is horrible at managing money, and is slightly eccentric."
"One does not have friends a dime a dozen."
"I decided I may have to thrash him for speaking in emphasis like that, and being a chauvinist."
"But even in the darkness every colour can be found-- and every drop of rain can keep things going, seeds you're sowing in the ground."
"The mountain of my emotions, built on fear, crashed as the reality of leaving hit me."
"He likes video games and eating. He dislikes homework and being hungry."

1 comment:

  1. Yay for exciting (and amusing) paper quotes! :)